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Oh, by the way...

Our leak? Is now a meter-square absence of ceiling. We had a collapse on Tuesday. And I totally called it on what the landlord's trying to pull re: "It's not the pipes, it's just the fact that it was raining." I've tried to impress on these guys the importance of making sure the landlord does what's necessary here, ie/ call a plumber, and I've stated my case, and the guys are like, Well, we've told him what is wrong, we have to see what he does and then if it's not done properly THEN we'll make a scene. I totally called THAT too.

... which, you know, whatever. When it comes down to it I'm not in this house for the long haul, I'm just renting a room for another few months, so if they get screwed around by the landlord, it's their problem eventually.
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What I've decided to do with my (slightly lower than originally predicted) $800 tax refund:

1. Get off my dad's cell phone plan and onto my own.
2. In conjunction with 1., get new cell phone.
3. With the remaining money, pay off a chunk of my OSAP.


- The new cell phone should satisfy my "Free money should equal shiny new toys" urge. And I really want a new one. (Though, see below...)
- Getting onto my own plan counts as a responsible, grown-up thing to do.
- Paying down a bit more of my OSAP means I can save a bit more of the money I'm actually earning as I won't be losing it to interest.


- I don't actually NEED a new cell phone. While there are many things I wish my current phone did but it doesn't, and many things that I see other phones do and go "cool", when it comes down to the fundamentals of phone use (making and recieving calls, sending and reading text messages) this phone does fine. I don't take a lot of pictures or video, so I don't need a better device for doing that; I have a perfectly good iPod Shuffle, so getting one that plays music seems a bit moot; while I'd love a phone with a full keyboard, I type fine without one... basically, the only major selling point is that I'd like a phone that functions as a bit of an address book as well, and I'd like to be able to use the internets, yes, all of them, but specifically Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, from my phone.

... I really like this one, though. Even though it involves a number of features I don't need. But look how shiny!

(Oh, by the way, I have a Twitter account now. All will tremble before my tiny 140-character thoughts!)

- OSAP is boooooring. And while dumping $500 into it seems like it should make a yooge difference... it won't? Not really? It's very responsible, and it needs to happen, and it is by far the best idea of what to do with this money. It's a grown-up choice. It is just very boring too. And it is a weird feeling, segueing into the period of my life where free money gets eaten up by mundane duties instead of going towards adventures and splurging.

Anyway. I'm not 100% sure about the new phone, as you can clearly see - I'd like one, and this is certainly the last time for a while that I'll be in a position to afford one, but I could do without one, so in essence I'm asking for permission to be somewhat frivolous.
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So, compile in your head a list of, say, the top ten cliches that pop culture uses as a shorthand for "These living conditions resemble a hovel of comedic/dramatic/gross-out proportions." I guarantee the following will be on it somewhere:
- Mice/rats
- Roaches
- Broken appliances
- Bedbugs
- Leaks
Interesting fact: ALL OF THE ABOVE we have in our house. I'm trying to predict what will happen next, and I'm open to suggestions - if I can compile 25, I'll be able to play a rousing game of What The Hell Is Up, Landlord bingo.

Like, I always thought that the above things were really only the result of not taking care of the place whot you live innit. But we're all really careful with cleanliness, and not leaving standing water in dark places where roaches can frolic, and not leaving food out after we use it... and stuff like leaks and a torn dryer hose aren't things that just spontaneously appear, they are emblematic of long-term, deeper problems in the house.

The leak is the most recent thing, and it's from last night, but it might have been a pre-existing problem that only became obvious last night due to the bucketing of rain. Except for the fact that the leak occured in, like, the exact centre of our house (main floor, nowhere near a window)... so the water must have been coming from a pipe, because last time I checked, that's the only water in that area, and also (surprise) the leak was directly under THE BATHROOM. I mean, I am perfectly willing to accept that the leak occured because the excess water from outside flooded the pipes; nevertheless, if water is escaping from pipes, that's a job for spanners, not spackle.

Because the biggest concern I have is that, now that it's occured to me to look closely, the area around the leak has been recently spackled over, suggesting that the leak was already an issue once and this is how the landlord saw fit to mend an existing problem. And while I really like my roommates, I sometimes get the sense that neither of them are willing to be firm enough with the landlord in re: getting a fucking plumber in and/or replacing broken things, not mending them with duct tape. I mean, I'm just waiting to get home and hear one of them tell me that the landlord said it was probably just from the rain, and he'd come and fix the ceiling... I had a terrible night's sleep last night due to getting up once or twice to check that the pot didn't need emptying, it did, and if someone brings to me a plan that amounts to "ignore it until the ceiling collapses" I might kill someone.

However, to put other concerns to rest, the mouse is not too forward, hasn't left droppings anywhere we can see at all, and will shortly be trapped humanely and set free somewhere far from our porch; the roaches are one or maybe two, and they don't propogate because we've gotten really careful about food and stuff; the bedbugs have been taken care of and may not even have been from my bed; the dryer got fixed, though see above, re: duct tape. So it's not by any means a hovel, just... overly subject to Murphy's Law?
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So my tax refund this year is going to be somewhere in the vicinity of $900.



If it had been my money, like, a month ago I would have taken that trip to New York to see Equus, but alas that time has passed. WHATEVER WILL I DO WITH ALL THESE RICHES?

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She's baaaaaack...

Dear woman on the train yesterday evening,

I just wanted to sincerely apologize for the tense interaction we shared as we both rode north out of Toronto. You see, I'd had a really long and tiring day, full of tiny annoyances, and when my friend thevic called, I selfishly assumed that keeping my voice at library-level would be politeness enough for a public area. I now understand that I was wrong.

When you sighed, beleaguered by my impertinence, pointedly removed your reading glasses and slowly spun around in your chair to stare expectantly at me, as if to say, "Do you mind? I'm trying to read a book here," I immediately understood my mistake. I'd been under the impression that I had boarded a form of public transit, in which the presence and occasional low-level noise-making of other people is well within the bounds of propriety. Imagine my embarrassment when I realized that, in my haste to get home, I had accidentally boarded your living room instead. Boy, was my face red!

I apologize for my rudeness, and wholeheartedly understand that your minute-long dirty look was all in the service of social decency. I hope you had a wonderful night in your hypoallergenic sensory deprivation chamber, periodically rousing yourself to spray Lysol on your pillow, dreaming about a world where there are no other human beings at all.

Most sincerely,



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A Much-Needed Update (And Decision)

Alternate Title: 'I' Statements

So, it's been clear for awhile that I'm not really feeling the Livejournaling. I'm not sure when this happened, or if it's a permanent thing or what, but for now, and for the foreseeable future, I'm calling it as I sees it: this Livejournal is not a place for me to journal, live or otherwise. This Livejournal exists mostly for the purposes of reading my friends' entries, keeping track of their lives and leaving the occasional comment when the mood strikes me.

Which I still do - all those things. I'm not an especially frequent commenter, as most of you know, and I sometimes go a bit before checking in on my friends page. But I do, and I read, and I'm still here. I just don't write, is all. I don't feel the urge to write about the state of my life in a journal-y sort of way, more often than not, and when I do, it's not something I want many people (or even any people) to read.

Don't take my absence as a sign that things are going badly, though. Things are, for the most part, great. I'm a little down because I just left my mad awesome apartment in downtown Kingston - moved out on Saturday - but any sadness about that is kind of counterbalanced by the fact that on Wednesday I go jetsetting off to Greece with my best friend for two weeks. YAH. This trip has been awhile in the making, and has been made possible by her dad's generous offer to pay for our flights and let us use his house down there, and it's nearly upon us and I AM SO EXCITED I COULD DANCE.

This summer... has otherwise been pretty uneventful. I spent most of my time in Kingston and was thwarted at every possible angle in my attempts to secure gainful summer employment. A job I was hoping for fell through, another job I was hoping for hired me and then let me go after three hours of training (niiiiice), and the research work has been sparing and I've still not been paid for it yet. Though this last thing is mostly my fault, as I delayed completion of it for a ridiculously long time... not sure why.

I didn't come back to Toronto much, and when I did they were purpose visits - appointments, passport stuff, and so forth... I do wish I'd had the chance to spend some quality time with my friends in the area, but then again, there's always next summer! And I know I'll be back next summer, because I won't be bound to Kingston by a lease then. I'm going back into res for my last year, just to take advantage of my last chance to have other people cook for me and not have to worry about rent and leases and bills while I write my thesis.

I'm also going to be back in the Toronto area over the course of next year, possibly to do some work for Adi, but that's a million kinds of "up in the air" right now so I'm not giving details beyond the floating of the possibility. There is a chance that I'll be in the area a couple of weekends a month, if the Adi work pans out, but even still... I'll be around.

I'm not saying that I'm not going to write entries here anymore, or that I won't pick up the journaling pen again later. I'm not saying that I've outgrown LJ, or that I won't be around, or that I don't want to be a part of my friends' lives and stories. I'm also not saying anything about the recent unpleasantness with LJ/6A, mostly because I still have to pack and if I start up I'll never leave this chair. I'm just not feeling this as a place to write at the moment, and that's no one's fault, it just happens.

These are my feelings right now; they have nothing to do with anyone else's words or actions or anything. I might feel the urge to write an entry tomorrow, or next month, or a year from now, or never. I don't know. I just know I'm not into it now, and I can't keep worrying that I need to apologize for that. Journals are supposed to be a place where you write because you feel like writing, and I can't help noticing that of the eight or so entries I wrote over the last year, at least six of them were because I felt like I should update or that people would be upset if I didn't.

So... for now, that's it. This journal is on indefinite hiatus. At least, the entry part of it. I will still be lurking around the friends page, dropping the occasional bon mot, as is my wont.

I will be around. I promise. I just won't be writing about it.
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MSN Messenger entirely refuses to connect, no matter what I do. The internet says that there's no problems with the server, and there's clearly no problem with my internet connection... I've done everything that the website says regarding my firewall, though it's not like anything changed since yesterday, when I connected just fine...

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